Hi Everyone,

So I have not posted anything here in a  long time. I have been dealing with life crises.  My mother passed last summer at the age of 94 (just shy of 95).  She was a tough and wise person in many ways. Since her passing I have reflected on some of the things that I learned from her. It does occur to me that people who grew up in the great depression knew hardship the rest of us in the developed nations have forgotten existed.  They had a built in survivalist mentality.  She grew up in southern Alberta in the dust bowl, I cannot imagine. But tough she was at 16 hitchhiking 200 miles and sleeping in ditches. Determined.  Anyway that was one major event that affected my writing in the last year.  The other was the much more tragic passing of my brother at only 69,  He was my mentor and the real father figure in my life. A brilliant, accomplished and caring individual. He was a great encouragement to me to write.  Without his words and encouragement I would have deleted my book. Here is a link to his obituary.Dennis Anderson

These are the reasons for not writing more. On another note I am going to try my hand at a couple of YouTube video about surviving the apocalypse. I will be posting the text here of the rants. I have been following the Canadian Prepper and I really want to add my two cents into some of the ideas he puts forth.

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