Hi Everyone, So I have not posted anything here in a  long time. I have been dealing with life crises.  My mother passed last summer at the age of 94 (just shy of 95).  She was a tough and wise person in many ways. Since her passing I have reflected on some of the things… More Updates

Thoughts on writing

I often hear how some authors methodically plot out key point of their book.  They carefully plan characters, and interactions from the beginning.  For me so far, writing has been its own adventure.  I have an idea and a character and I begin to write, thinking of questions as I go such as “How come… More Thoughts on writing

Finally Published!

This is just a short note to say All Systems Down is finally published and available on Amazon.  I will over time be looking to make it available on more sites. I am always looking for feedback and questions.  I hope that a few people will give me the info I need to write better.… More Finally Published!