News of my published work

So after starting this venture into writing I really had no expectations that anyone would read my book I have been found to be wrong.  I have discovered that putting it on Kindle Select has generated lots of reading of it.  Apparently over 40 000 pages have been read (or about 100 copies worth) this has been a shock to me.   That is more than one per day since publishing it at the beginning of March.  Also sold a number of actual e-book copies and some actual real (paper) books. They even paid me royalties! Imagine that, I type out a story, brow-beat MJ into editing it and then a bunch of people go and read it! Well I’m happy but I would like some nice Sci-Fi producer to read it and go “Hey, this would make a good movie/ TV series.” Lolz.  Well I had some luck but I haven’t won the lottery yet.



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