Thoughts on writing

I often hear how some authors methodically plot out key point of their book.  They carefully plan characters, and interactions from the beginning.  For me so far, writing has been its own adventure.  I have an idea and a character and I begin to write, thinking of questions as I go such as “How come some people can do magic?, Why do wizards never seem to have girl friends/ boy friends?” and many such questions. Questions often create characters and characters create situations and my writing diverges from a narrow to a broad path.  I have hear the discussion of “Pantsers vs Plotters” in writing. I have even heard a presenter claim everyone is a plotter at some point.  Well I have yet to see myself as any sort of plotter yet except in the most general way.  I have an idea where the story will start and where it will end, everything else is me choosing my own adventure.  I would love to hear from other authors about their thoughts on this.

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